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GEG is an acronym for Google Educator Groups. These independent groups exist all around the world, and you have just found the Finnish GEG site! GEG Finland was established in November 2023.

GEG Finland is intended for everyone working in the education sector who wants to learn, share, and develop the use of the Google environment in their teaching or community. The purpose of GEG Finland is to gather a network of actors who help each other, where anyone can ask, wonder, tip, and share their expertise. The core team of GEG Finland organizes a few free webinars and/or live meetings a year. In addition, there are two discussion platforms on Google Chat; one for pedagogical discussion and the other for Google Admin matters. The members of the GEG Finland core team maintain both the website and the discussion platforms. The core team* does this work on a completely voluntary basis.

(* Jenni Valanne, Jukka Lehtoranta, Anna-Reetta Aalto, Jan Nyberg, Mariel Eerola-Leino, Teemu Kariniemi and Sami Marttinen)

GEG Finland core team

Jenni Valanne


Teemu Kariniemi

Jukka Lehtoranta

Sami Marttinen

 Mariel Leino

Jan Nyberg